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How are you?


Fantastic kind of you to ask, How about you?


What is hypnotherapy?

Dr Michael Yapko describes is as a powerful way of using our mind to influence our perception and our bodies, and has strong evidence based backing up its effectiveness. Researchers and medical professionals have been exploring the use of Hypnosis for medical treatment and behavioural change for Hundreds of years. In fact, according to Dr Spiegal of Stanford University, “hypnosis is one of the oldest forms of Western psychotherapy”.


Essentially hypnosis is just a state of relaxed and focused absorption, where your mind is more open to suggestions. The brain has different levels of consciousness, or awareness, ranging from fully alert to drowsy to fully asleep, with variations in between. Hypnotic states are one of those variations and can occur naturally and spontaneously, including: daydreaming, doing mundane tasks (like driving), and being absorbed in a pleasant task (like a good book or a movie).


Clinical Hypnosis deliberately induces this kind of relaxed state and focused state, therapeutic suggestions can have a significant effect on attitudes, perceptions, and behaviours.


How effective is hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis is typically integrated into psychotherapeutic treatments like strategic psychotherapy or Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Hypnosis is a vehicle and its what happens during the session in terms of the suggestions and developing new and helpful associations. Hypnosis acts as a way to amplify these treatments, and there is plenty of evidence that shows that hypnosis generally enhances psychotherapy for this very reason. A study comparing CBT with hypnosis, found that the addition of the hypnosis enhances therapeutic efficiency by 70 - 90%.


The use of Hypnosis can be used to manage symptoms ranging from pain to rumination, can improve sleep, and can drastically affect your life and health. You can learn to manage your pain, your anxiety symptoms and much more


Dr Michael Yapko.


Why isn’t everyone using hypnotherapy?


For people who have experienced and benefitted from hypnosis it doesn’t make sense why people haven’t been using it.


There have also been a lot of myths surrounding it and this has affected people adopting it. People have generated the perception that its mind control where you go under. These myths portray hypnosis in the wrong way. For many years some therapists have also used scripts as well which isn’t personalised and a lot less effective. Modern Neo Erickson hypnosis which is becoming more widely adopted and have been used in the studies and research mentioned previously are more indirect and permissive utilising the clients’ unique resources this hypnosis is especially beneficial.


The interesting thing about what’s happening now is the world is already moving in the direction of hypnotherapy rather than away from it. This movement will continue to grow. I’m happy to be part of this movement and I know you will be to.

What is the outcome of Strategic Hypnotherapy?


Essentially it helps you take back control of your life, getting back in charge of yourself and get out there do better and living again. It’s safe and drug free.


Most are seeking support with their mental health  to improve emotional and psychological wellbeing and overcome emotional distress. and suffering.


Life happens and hypnotherapy is an effective and long-lasting approach that most people, once tried, really understand its power for change. 


When hypnosis is used in conjunction with the strategic psychotherapy approach the effect is even more powerful. It is about putting yourself back in charge of you. You are not broken, and you aren’t the labels given to you.   


How is Strategic Psychotherapy different to other talk therapies like counselling  & CBT?


Many types of therapies, such as counselling, psychology or psychiatry focus more on where a person has an issue or problem, they may investigate a person’s past and childhood. They often seek to ask 'why' a person is experiencing the issue.  

Strategic psychotherapy  helps people focus on ‘how’ they are doing certain  patterns of thinking and behaving. Putting a treatment plan with the desired solution as the goal a plan to address the issue and find better patterns and pathways of thinking and behaving facing forward. There is no need to relive and go over in detail the past , the traumas and pain. We will ask questions to understand How it presents and where gaps in cognitive patterns, exist. Most people will be familiar with being asked ‘why’ they have a particular problem. This conversation is often had on a daily basis with family and friends.


The Strategic Psychotherapy model helps people realise that this is not necessarily a useful question. It teaches people how to get curious about ‘how’ they are making certain distinctions in their lives and exposes the knowledge and skill gaps that maintain the person’s problem. These skill and knowledge gaps may simply be a result of having never learned something in childhood or adulthood. This may also be a result of forgotten skills and knowledge. We teach people how to recognise their un useful patterns and processes, interrupt them and apply something more effective. 


We teach people how they can build resilience-not the form of resilience against life events, but a type of resilience that ensures that a person’s internal processes and experience supports their goals and increased their mental agility to bend and shift regardless of life’s adversities. The most successful and happy people are those that are highly flexible in their approach to life, when things change or go wrong or turn out as not expected, they pivot quickly and approach the issue in a different way. 

We often refer to this as cognitive agility.

This approach uses specific discriminating questions that reveal problematic thought patterns that a person may be running unconsciously. These questions help you uncover what you know, what you don’t know, and what you think you know that just isn’t so – (Dr. Michael Yapko Ph.D.). 


Why Choose us?
  • We offer 20 minute obligation free. if you don't want to proceed we will refund you no questions.

  • Just respect and understanding with a commitment to long term goals.

  • Offering a more refined solution-based therapy unique to you

  • Flexible appointment times

  • Online or in person service or a mixture. Convenient for you

  • LGBTQIA+ friendly safe, respectful and inclusive therapists and space.

  • Convenient location in Collingwood and by special arrangement we can use offices in South Melbourne, Carlton and Hawthorn.

  • Easy payment options: visa, Mastercard and Afterpay

  • Degree qualified clinical strategic psychotherapists and clinical Hypnotherapist

  • We utilise the modern neo Ericksonian style of hypnotherapy along with strategic psychotherapy which has had great success.

  • The most successful and happy people are those that are highly flexible in their approach to life, when things change or go wrong or turn out as not expected, they pivot quickly and approach the issue in a different way. This is our focus.

  • People report finding the process empowering and uplifting and refreshed.

  • It teaches people about their ability to choose how they respond a situation and the thoughts and internal experience that will give them the best outcome.

  • We show you that you are not broken and that your problems or issues are not permanent. You are continuously evolving and we show you how resoursful you are and help you access these parts of you.


Isn’t therapy just talking? How can that help?

There’s a big difference between therapy and just talking – even a deep and meaningful one with a wise and trusted person. Although the methods vary, most counselling is designed to uncover your unconscious ideas, conflicts, desires and knowledge. A professional therapist is trained to detect and interpret subtle indicators in the things you say, the jokes you make, the way you respond to questions. They also identify patterns in the way you think, communicate and behave.

Sharing your thoughts with an objective mental health professional, in a safe, non-judgmental environment, is a very different process than talking to a friend or family member, where many other factors and risks may be at play. We are trained to guide you to overcome issues and change.


Are you qualified?

Yes . Therapists at Me Therapy have  a university degree not always in the field of Psychology but all have a Diploma in Strategic Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy from the government accredited Institute of applied Psychology (IAP) plus extensive experience working with a wide variety of people.

Each counsellor and therapist  has access to a network of mental health specialists to make referrals where applicable. All also undergo regular supervision, which is a requirement for them to maintain their registration to practice.


What are the advantages of online therapy?

For some people, online counselling can be even more effective than face-to-face therapy. Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. You can receive your psychotherapy, counselling and hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home without worrying about travel time, parking, or public transport headaches. This is a big consideration for parents, full-time workers or people experiencing certain anxiety disorders.

  2. Many people feel safer talking online than talking in person. Opening up and sharing yourself – which are essential for healing – can be easier at that slight digital remove.

  3. You don’t have to interrupt your therapy program while travelling.

  4. Online counselling can feel less confronting if your needs are linked to physical problems such as surgery, injury, disability, or body image issues, or if you have physical limitations.


But I’m not good with technology. Can I still do online therapy?

Yes. We send you easy-to-follow instructions, and it takes just a few seconds. Although you will need a computer or device that can run the required apps, no special technical skills or experience are required.


Will I be criticised, judged, or forced to talk about things I don’t want to discuss?

Absolutely not! Our role as your online counsellor is not to judge you or force you to talk about anything you don’t want to discuss. You’re free to share whatever you like, and whatever the topic is you can be assured it will be discussed in a healthy and helpful way.

Of course, treatment isn’t meant to be an effortless or easy process. Complex anxiety, painful thoughts, sensitive feelings, and relationship patterns will surface, and they can be hard to face. We focus on how you are experiencing and don’t spend unnecessary time going back in detail over the past. We help you find the solutions to move forward.

If painful feelings do surface, we endeavour to teach you a special mindfulness meditation technique to help you manage the emotions associated with them, which will encourage you to explore them. Even the use of EMDR as a strategy in the moment.


When do I pay?

We require full payment in advance of your appointment. If you book online, you’ll be prompted to pay at the same time. If you book in person a $95 holding deposit is required.


What if I need to cancel my appointment? Do you charge for missed sessions?

Bookings are payable in advance and are non-refundable. So if you cancel your session, you’ll still pay for it. You can, however, reschedule a session so long as you give us at least 2 business days’ notice. Of course, we appreciate that exceptional circumstances may arise, but these can only be considered on a case-by-case basis through a direct discussion with your therapist by phone or during the next online therapy session. Terms and conditions also apply bookings.

How do we make Payment?


When booking online full payment on booking is required. For in person, we require a $95 fee on booking.



This is an emergency. Can you help me right now?

No. We are not a crisis clinic, and therefore can’t help you in an emergency.

If you need emergency assistance, please contact Lifeline or Beyond Blue, both of which provide free, 24-hour emergency support.




I have more questions?


The good news is we have more answers please contact us and we will reply.

terms and conditions


Cancellation policy:

24 hours’ notice is required for cancelled appointments, otherwise a cancellation fee will apply of 50% of the session fee. The full session fee (100%) will apply for non - attended appointments with no notice period.


As a client of Me Therapy you are covered by consumer law, human rights laws and privacy and confidentiality laws follow the code of conduct outlined at ISPA (international strategic psychotherapist association) and the Australian Hypnotherapy Association. We will respect you’re your privacy regarding any information we may collect across this website and in our office.


Medical declaration

When submitting the online and or client intake form please disclose and existing mental health diagnosis and medical information that may affect you in fully taking part in the therapy. Also declare any medication you are on.



When submitting the booking form, I understand that if I have or intend to commit certain criminal offenses, the therapist is obliged by law to report me to the authorities.



Your session is subject to the rules of confidentiality. Nothing you disclose will leave the room or be relayed to others. However. there are exceptions to the rules of confidentiality. Any situation where you are at risk of harming yourself or you reveal your involvement in a serious crime, I as a Mandatory Reporter, I would be legally bound to report these Incidents to the authorities. If you are concerned, please look up Confidentiality and Mandatory Reporting and arrive fully informed.



We respect and secure all information relating to client intake form, your treatment and treatment plan. At no stage will your personal information be shared with anyone else. Notes are locked away or secured on hard drive with password protection. Throughout the therapy our rooms are private ensuring that nobody could hear what is being said.



There is no judgement here. We give the utmost respect to all with open mind and no judgement of values, beliefs, and culture. All inclusive of all diversity. We will have integrity in our dealing’s. Providing a safe respectful space for all sexualities, relationship styles and gender identity. We aim for you to be listened to and we will ask questions and discuss the treatment framework and treatment plan. We will allow plenty of opportunities for you to clarify and ask questions, so we enter your treatment partnership with confidence.



Your health, safety and wellbeing are of most importance to us, and we will do everything we can to assist you feeling comfortable, Work health and safety is important, and we have having plan if the safety of client is at risk. We will explain any emergency procedures including the location of emergency exits and evacuation points. We are a smoke free workplace. Of course, if it is easier for you, we offer sessions over zoom as well. At all times through the session including hypnotherapy, you will be aware of everything and hear what’s being said everything will be done with your consent.


Online telehealth:

is a growing and often preferred way to take part in therapy. We recommend Zoom as our preferred method as the platform is encrypted for privacy.


Consent and referral

We are a solution-based therapy that’s goals are to work together with you, partner with you and guide you to achieving a solution to the problems you present to use. At every step of the way it is your choice to agree to therapy and the treatment plan we discuss. Prior to commencement of the therapy session, we will ask you to fill in a client intake form and consent form. This will outline our responsibilities to you as well. If we deem your presenting issue is out of scope, we will respectfully refer you to a health professional that is better suited to support your through your mental health solution journey.


When booking in you are consenting to and agreeing to us providing a service that includes the complimentary therapy of Hypnosis. We will obtain verbal consent in the session prior to commencement as well.



We take complaints seriously. Any complaints can be directed to . we abide by the code of conduct outlined by the international strategic psychotherapy association.

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