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Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Leading with love and kindness is strategic and strong.

Whether you are leading yourself, your family or at work consider…

Leading with kindness is about being a compassionate, strong, and understanding leader. It means putting the needs of others before your own and treating them with respect and empathy. This type of leadership can create a positive and productive work environment, where people feel valued and motivated. Leading with love and kindness is strength and clarity. Leading this way influences the environment and culture we create. The relationship you have with yourself is crucial in connecting with others. When you are comfortable with who you are and have a positive self-image, it makes it easier for you to connect with others on a deeper level. This is important for building trust and strong relationships with your team members. So, when leading with love and kindness lead yourself first. Work on changing the patterns of a negative internal voice, work on self-awareness and self-acceptance. Be kind to you with good daily habits of self-care. Include daily exercise, daily meditation and fun and laughter in your day. It’s all about mind, body and energy. Fill your cup up first, plan it and do it. Consider that when you are a more deliberate, conscious leader with yourself first hen you will create a leader that connects, enables, empowers, and inspires. Suddenly conversation won’t be critical or difficult they will be thoughtful focused conversations where you listen first and foremost. I’m wondering if you can understand that saying a conversation is difficult or critical you have just made the conversation about yourself and that is selfish and unkind. Focusing on the person you are conversing with and asking questions and actively listening will be a game changer as conversations will be valid, meaningful, productive, and useful. Think of the energy will be saved. Sometimes change is difficult, adjusting the automatic response you have established over your lifetime is going to take more than motivation and will. There is where support and guidance from Me Therapy comes in. Strategic psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can give you a leadership edge by helping you to understand your own thoughts and emotions and how they affect your behaviour. This can help you to develop better communication skills, manage stress, and build stronger relationships with your team members and save an immense amount of wasted energy on being in worry, overwhelm, fear and self-doubt. You will no longer be in survival mode emotionally and you will do better thrive and feel satisfied with the steps you take each day. Michael Yapko, a well-known Psychologist, emphasizes the importance of understanding how your thoughts and emotions affect your behaviour. By using strategic psychotherapy and hypnosis techniques, you can learn how to focus on the thoughts and emotions that are helpful and use them to your advantage as a leader. Understanding that what you focus on you amplify. The use of Hypnosis lands the suggestions more effectively and helps run new patterns sooner. Similarly, Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist, emphasizes the importance of changing the way you think and feel in order to change your behaviour and life. By using his techniques, you can learn how the thoughts you have affect your mind and the feelings you have affect your body. Where thoughts go energy flows. If you can be more deliberate and conscious with your thoughts you will be able to transcend your limiting beliefs, change those beliefs and enjoy a new and different reality. The use of daily meditation to create foresight and imagination and emotion of things and intentions already being in place is where the change of focus and then your reality comes in. In conclusion, leading with kindness and understanding your own thoughts and emotions through the use of strategic psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can give you a leadership edge. It will help you to build stronger relationships with your team members, manage stress and develop better communication skills. Essentially you will lead with intention, empathy and be more effective. Im predicting if you make these changes you will wake up each day inspired and looking forward to the day. At the end of each day you will feel satisfied with the steps you have taken in that day, feeling successful. How great would that be. By Kylie Essing

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