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1 in 3 women experiencing mental health conditions

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Have you or do you know anybody who has experienced, Anxiety, depression, overwhelm, self doubt , imposter syndrome, phobic fear, and unhelpful habits?

61% of all Australians over 16 are concerned about mental health taking some steps to try and help manage their mental health.

1 in 3 women (33% of Women) aged between 24 to 34 years stated they were experiencing a mental health condition and that the most common mental health condition experienced is anxiety followed by depression. The 15 to 24 age group was much the same. These are clinically diagnosed disorders. (Source: Australian Bureau of statistics from 2021.)

I’m sure you agree that a vast majority of us experience some level of anxiety, depression, or poor mental health for short or extended periods of time without the diagnosis. I’m inviting you to consider that we need to dedicate focus, time and steps to change the path we are currently on.

My question is how you and your friends are taking good care of your mental health, not to merely feel good in the moment through socialising, drinking, getting massages, facials etc but to invest in your mental health to feel good but also do better? I’m wondering what preventable steps are being taken to overcome the ravages of mental health in your circles.

I have pivoted and refocused my career to dedicate my time and energy in helping women overcome and manage their mental health so they can take positive steps forward and do better, hopefully to thrive in their life. From here on in my time is dedicated to supporting and providing a service to improving the mental health of women not only in Australia but around the world. The statistics in the USA and UK are much the same.

I invite you to consider more deeply that we experience life through our internal interpretation of the world. I’ve suggested for many years that life is our thoughts. Something happens / stimulus, we think, and we react. There’s been many books and stories written from Victor Frankel and similarly more recently "The happiest man on earth" by Eddy Jaku that share with us their ability to deal with the worst imaginable atrocities but still have focused thought to live a positive happy life of purpose. Many people are aware of this and agree, yet so many are still unable to adjust the thoughts, perceptions, and behaviour patterns they are running. We are all so unique with different experiences, different lenses and different complex systems across mind, energy, and body. There is therefore not one approach that works for all. What I’ve learnt that is worth considering is that each unique individual has the resources within them to make the changes they want and they may make that change sooner with the help of an appropriately trained therapist navigating them to a different pathway.

Where some people can encounter problems are.

  • we mistake our perception of the world our partial representation as “the way things are”.

  • We become fixed and believe that that there is only one way, even if that way won’t take us where we want to go.

  • We believe we can’t change or shouldn’t change our belief or pattern even if it isn’t workable

  • We fight reality and our changing world rather than adapting or incorporating the new reality.

  • We insist that others should think and act like we do.

Strategic therapy helps clients to see their thought patterns and behaviour patterns for what they are to check that they are referencing the reality of their present situation. To help clients create useful new patterns in their minds instead of using old ones and update the parts of their mind that are not working for them anymore. You may have heard the saying "you do what you’ve always done you get what you’ve always got"…perhaps now is the time to be open to doing you differently, to adjust the constructs of our mind. Thinking thoughts that serve to help you not just merely feel good but to do better and perhaps move from survive to thrive. Think to thrive.

To commence my new journey, I continued my study of Psychology from years ago focusing on Strategic Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. I’ve now set up a private practise of the latest modern Strategic psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy that is arguably the most effective talk therapy available today. My aim is to normalise getting this solution focused future oriented therapy process connecting with the vast majority in Australia. The good news is this therapy is just as affective online making it easy to access.

As an adjunct to the work I’m doing with individuals I’m working on influencing and supporting leadership and business. I have noticed there is a systemic problem in some business es and some of the corporate sector. Some businesses are cultural working against the mental wellbeing of women. This can be addressed through a conscious approach to creating inclusive, equality and building a culture of development. Not just saying the right things but living and breathing the right things. My leadership therapy is designed to assist leaders in understanding who they are and just how they impact and influence themselves and those around them. I’m building a program for businesses to assist them in moving to that culture of development , progress and growth. Many businesses today are realising they need culture more than strategy.

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